GoMagazine -Air Trans In-flight monthly publication

Ink-Global project for GoMagazine. April magazine cover for in-flight magazine. TOC and Lead-in shots to accompany.

Air Trans in-flight monthly publication
This project was super-fun. A quick and dirty editorial assignment that we decided to ramp-up a bit and work into a bit of a personal-project and portfolio-image. 
The client wanted something to convey a care-free happy spring-like environment, using Olympic Women's 1/2Pipe Snowboard medalist: Gretchen Bleiler... in Snowmass (Snowmass Ski Resort), and they needed a cover image and 2 supporting images for a TOC and a lead-in. 
NO problemmo... 

Our shooting-day ended up being CLOUDY (of course, the only cloudy day for almost a month around here), but we shot anyway. We scouted the first day, and then shot the second day. 

The client was stoked on the first day of scouting-shots, and then they didn't quite understand what was going to happen the day of production when we got skunked by the weather. 

WilzFoto to the rescue... I went back up to grab a separate background from a later-date that we could use instead of the blown-out and super-flat cloudy-one we had to shoot with. 

Voila..!  The composite went to Mando for retouching, and the client took delivery today of the hi-res that they'd requested. 
They ended up requesting 3 additional images to further build the feature out with... and it sounds like we're getting another assignment out of the deal as well. 

Thanks crew! Thanks GoMag!

This obviously isn't the cover... this is the portfolio-variation that we came up with, featuring a slightly different treatment to make it more commercial-looking to suit our personal preferences... 
The cover-select ended up being less mono, and more natural-colours, with a blue sky etc, and a vertical version of this (obviously). 
This is the composite, with the bkgrnd shot on a sunny day after the original production-date. Exactly the same location, same focal-length, same time of day etc. Matched in the field with the iPad, and then re-assembled in post. 
We're good like that ;)
So, this is the actual cover image. Vertical, more natural-colours... just what they wanted. 
A bit too dialed-back for us in-house, but the client is more than very pleased, we have repeat business... and they have a great cover for spring!
This was one of the testers from scouting the previous day. Not a cloud in sight, of course... 
another from the scouting day.  No clouds.. 

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