Club Ride Apparel 2014

Part 2 of a brief production series for Club Ride Apparel. They needed some content for a series of online ads, so we produced location work in Fruita and Moab to answer their needs. A social media cloud was also created for them surrounding production, to showcase our cross-platform ability to strategically brand-build organically with existing assets on a low level. This whole thing was shot over the course of 4hours in 2 different locations... (3hrs total in Fruita in the middle of the day, and 1hr in Moab in the evening the following day). Always good to get our 'scramble-on' for stuff like this, just to see if we can create something meaningful with minimal gear, no lighting, minimal budget, and talented athletes... We thank you for the opportunity to help you grow your brand, Club Ride ! Ride on!

Thank you Club Ride, Fruita and Moab !

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