Adventure Girl- GT 2016

We're bringing back a key-driver character for one of the brands I work with, and this was a challenge for our Winter related frame. All location-based, no mechanized assistance, with 3 new feet of snow having fallen during the week, making our movement of gear into/out of location more difficult. 1.5hr hike in to set up, sub-zero temps, and then hiking back out, kept things interesting. Vehicle was shot at an additional location, as there was no reasonable means of air-lifting it into location, to do an in-camera capture of everything. This one took a while...

For a client, we're continuing to develop the launch-character that was ostensibly shot as a personal project, that we worked into our print-campaign, as part of a re-branding initiative. The character was sort of lost in the chaos of pursuing other avenues, but this year we got the green-light to bring her back. These are the background scouting, location backplates, and a few details, after we got more local-snow (too much), and got to work on this last week. 
This is... Adventure Girl. 

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